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The advanced Norbert Weiner (1894-1964) masterfully defined cybernetics as the "science of control and communication between the animal and the machine", in the very title of his founding book (Weiner, 1965). As in other sciences, translators from English to Spanish played their part, and not always for the better. The word "control" in English has more complex and subtle connotations than in Spanish. It carries implicit aspects related more to the direction as a whole. In our language, full of synonyms and similar but not the same terms, "control" is more limited to one of the functions of management. That is the reason that leads us to "feel" that Weiner, when he presents and systematizes his novel science, makes us think of Cyber sicherheit broader and deeper than simple control. The same happens when he tells us about everything related to communication: the concept of "information" is perceived at all times as the fundamental element for the management of a system.

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